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Airstream Vehicle History Report

In some parts of the United States, the Airstream brand is synonymous with high quality, low maintenance camping trailers, while in others, it's synonymous with an old-fashioned RVing tradition. The American Airstream Car has a long history as a camping trailer. The Airstream Model B, introduced in 1939, was one of the first mass-produced car camping trailers. In the past, the Model B, often referred to as the 'first Airstream' was a lightweight, aluminum-hulled trailer design that featured a folding canvas roof and side curtains, as well as a front-hinged door. Aesthetically, the Model B had a sleek and shiny look that made it seem quite futuristic. It was also very affordable. These factors caused it to sell well in areas where it was not yet common for the population to routinely camp, such as the U.S. Midwest and the Northeast. Do not forget to use Airstream VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

Placeholder2005 SUZUKI GN250

2005 Suzuki Gn250 Red #2344855

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2017 Holden Trailblazer Blue #2344856

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Placeholder2004 LOTUS EXIGE

2004 Lotus Exige Blue #2344857

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Placeholder2008 TOYOTA HILUX

2008 Toyota Hilux White #2344858

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Placeholder2005 MAZDA ATENZA

2005 Mazda Atenza Grey #2344859

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Placeholder1997 FORD TRADER

1997 Ford Trader White #2344860

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Placeholder2007 PEUGEOT 307

2007 Peugeot 307 Red #2344861

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Placeholder2002 TOYOTA ALLEX

2002 Toyota Allex Red #2344863

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Placeholder2006 NISSAN PRESAGE

2006 Nissan Presage Black #2344864

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Placeholder2005 TRAILER SEC

2005 Trailer Sec Silver #2344865

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Placeholder2008 NISSAN DUALIS

2008 Nissan Dualis Silver #2344866

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Placeholder2000 FORD COURIER

2000 Ford Courier Red #2344867

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