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Honda car owners are reporting a major problem in the dashboard of the cars, and as the problem appears to be spreading across the country, the automaker has taken the unprecedented step of admitting they have no idea why. It's not a hardware problem. And it's not a software problem. According to a report on the ABC news site, the problem appears to be some sort of 'air' that's getting sucked in and damaging the dashboard screens. This isn't the first time Honda has been hit with this problem, and the company has a track record for being hit with unusual problems, so they're not taking it lying down. The company is now offering a $50 million reward for information leading to the culprit. Honda says it doesn't think it can fix the problem because the issue is a 'mystery' that's related to 'the overall design of the dashboards', but that doesn't explain why they're hitting multiple Honda models and different locations. Do not forget to use Honda VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

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