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Land Rover Vehicle History Report

The Land Rover is a brand of luxury cars manufactured by the British company Land Rover. The name Land Rover is a registered trademark of The Rover Group PLC, which includes the Land Rover and Jaguar brands. The Range Rover marque was established in 1962, when the Rover company launched the Land Rover brand of armoured vehicles. In 1984, the Land Rover marque was launched, for use with off-road use including 4×4. The Land Rover Defender was the first successful purpose-built armoured vehicle of the post-World War II era, specifically designed for patrolling and reconnaissance, and it remains an important military vehicle to this day. Named the Land Rover 'Defender', the first version was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 8 March 1953, and since then the name has remained in use for all subsequent models. The original model, designated the Series I, was followed by the Series II Land Rover in 1958. This was the first Land Rover to use the new independent front suspension (in the early models), and it was also offered with a new cab for the first time. The original model was replaced by the Land Rover Series III in 1972, which was also developed and built in Britain, and it was replaced by the Range Rover Series II in 1986. The main body of the Range Rover Series II is made from aluminium, but the chassis was redesigned, this time with all-independent suspension. Do not forget to use Land Rover VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

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