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Suzuki Vehicle History Report

The is a subcompact car developed and manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki since 1982. Since 1983, the name 'GZ' (or when preceded by an upper-case 'G' -e.g. the 1983–1998-GZ) has been used for this generation of the Suzuki Swift. The name 'GZ' was adopted from the first series of the Toyota Previa, the GT. Although the Previa was released in 1981, it was originally introduced in Europe in 1988 as the Toyota Previa (XR5) with an updated body, the XR10, while the first generation name was chosen by Toyota Europe. The Swift has also been known as the Suzuki Delilah in the UK, where it was manufactured. It is in common use by Suzuki dealers and rental companies as the Suzuki Swift. The Swift has also spawned the related models, Swift Sport and the Swift Aero. Do not forget to use Suzuki VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

Placeholder1994 NISSAN MISTRAL

1994 Nissan Mistral Black #1083522

2 mins ago
Placeholder1997 NISSAN PRIMERA

1997 Nissan Primera Silver #1083523

2 mins ago
Placeholder1995 HONDA CIVIC

1995 Honda Civic Silver #1083525

2 mins ago
Placeholder2018 FORD ESCAPE

2018 Ford Escape Silver #1083526

2 mins ago

2016 Land Rover Defender White #1083531

2 mins ago
Placeholder2002 NISSAN PULSAR

2002 Nissan Pulsar Green #1083533

2 mins ago
Placeholder2001 TOYOTA ALTEZZA

2001 Toyota Altezza Silver #1083534

2 mins ago
Placeholder1998 SUBARU IMPREZA

1998 Subaru Impreza White #1083535

2 mins ago
Placeholder1996 TOYOTA COROLLA

1996 Toyota Corolla White #1083537

2 mins ago
Placeholder1994 TOYOTA RAV4

1994 Toyota Rav4 Red #1083538

2 mins ago
Placeholder1999 TOYOTA CORSA

1999 Toyota Corsa Silver #1083539

2 mins ago
Placeholder1990 IVECO CARGO

1990 Iveco Cargo Green #1083542

2 mins ago