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VHR helps vehicle owners to track their service history, receive automatic service alerts and get critical information about open safety recalls reported for their car.

Toyota Vehicle History Report

Toyota car maker is developing a driver-assist feature in 2018 for the next-generation version of its popular Prius hybrid. It will include adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warning systems. The new technology, called Supercruise, will be available on all the Prius models. It’s part of a new technology package that Toyota hopes will distinguish the Prius from other competitors in the mainstream hybrid market. 'We would hope Supercruise will be the key technology that allows us to make an impression on the mainstream hybrid market,' said Hidenobu Terashi, the technical department head for Toyota’s vehicle lineup planning group, in an interview. Supercruise is expected to include automatic emergency-braking, collision-warning alerts and lane-departure warnings, but it won’t be a system that automatically steers a car around an object. Do not forget to use Toyota VIN decoder in order to avoid potential problems when buying a used car.

Placeholder2003 FORD EXPLORER

2003 Ford Explorer Green #3689471

2 mins ago
Placeholder1998 TOYOTA ALTEZZA

1998 Toyota Altezza Silver #3689473

2 mins ago
Placeholder1934 OLDSMOBILE F34

1934 Oldsmobile F34 Orange #3689475

2 mins ago
Placeholder2007 TOYOTA CAMRY

2007 Toyota Camry Blue #3689478

2 mins ago
Placeholder1991 HONDA 250

1991 Honda 250 Silver #3689479

2 mins ago
Placeholder2007 NISSAN SERENA

2007 Nissan Serena Silver #3689480

2 mins ago
Placeholder2006 TOYOTA RACTIS

2006 Toyota Ractis Green #3689481

2 mins ago
Placeholder2014 TOYOTA RAV4

2014 Toyota Rav4 Red #3689483

2 mins ago
Placeholder1998 TOYOTA COROLLA

1998 Toyota Corolla Gold #3689484

2 mins ago

1996 Mitsubishi Lancer Black #3689485

2 mins ago
Placeholder1994 NISSAN SILVIA

1994 Nissan Silvia White #3689486

2 mins ago

2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Red #3689487

2 mins ago