2014 GREAT WALL V200 VIN LGWDBE175EB000001 - Report Summary

Report ID 189154 Internal Report Identification Number
Alternative Motive Power N/A Identifies any alternative or secondary fuel source that powers the vehicle
Basic Colour BLACK   The predominant colour of the vehicle
Body Type UTILITY Identifies the vehicle's body shape
CC Rating 1996 Total volume in cubic centimetres of the displacement of all cylinders of the vehicle's engine
Chassis LGWDBE1 First 7 characters of the Chassis Number
Class NA Vehicle equipment standard classification
Engine Number 140331195 All characters of the Engine Number
First Registration Year 2016 The year the vehicle was first registered
First Registration Month 4 The month the vehicle was first registered
Gross Vehicle Mass 2885 The maximum permitted mass of the vehicle in kilograms
Height 0 The height of the vehicle measured from the base of the wheel to the top of the vehicle structure
Import Status USED The status of a vehicle as it arrives into country
Industry Class PRIVATE The class of industry a vehicle is associated with
Industry Model Code Non-validated field used by vehicle manufacturers to describe model code
Make GREAT WALL The manufacturer of the vehicle
Model V200 The model of vehicle as assigned by the manufacturer
Motive Power DIESEL Identifies the primary fuel source that powers the vehicle
MVMA Model Code Model code is assigned by the manufacturer at the time of VIN allocation
Number of Axles 2 Records the number of axles the vehicle has
Number of Seats 5 Records the number of seats in a vehicle
Assembled IMPORTED BUILT-UP Indicates where the vehicle was assembled
Original Country CHINA The country where the vehicle (or kit) was principally manufactured
Power Rating 0 The power rating of the vehicle
Previous Country AUSTRALIA The country where a used imported vehicle was registered immediately prior to its arrival
Road Transport Code Shows the type of road transport the vehicle is used for
Submodel The sub model of the vehicle as assigned by the manufacturer
TLA HAMILTON CITY The Territorial Authority that the registered owner of the vehicle resides in
Transmission Type The gearing system the vehicle has (e.g. automatic or manual)
VDAM Weight 0 The maximum allowable laden weight for the vehicle on the road
Vehicle Type GOODS VAN/TRUCK/UTILITY The type of vehicle e.g. motorcycle, passenger car/van, bus etc.
Vehicle Usage PRIVATE PASSENGER Classification of how a vehicle is used. This field groups several more detailed usage types.
Vehicle Year 2014 Year of manufacture or model year - if unknown, year of first registration
VIN LGWDBE175EB000001 Characters of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Width 0 The width of the vehicle

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